How to Order a Sleep Study

To order a sleep study, have your physician’s office send/fax us:

  • A Prescription (timed, dated, signed, with diagnosis)
  • Office notes with symptoms justifying need for sleep study, including list of medications
  • ID & front and back of current insurance cards (if applicable)

Your doctor’s office may call us directly to setup an appointment at (229) 228-2729, or may fax the above information to: (229) 584-5995 & our staff will call and make the appointment. If your healthcare provider elects to fax us your appointment request, please allow a minimum of 3 business days due to insurance preauthorizations; some insurances require longer approval times.

Follow-up care is scheduled with our Board Certified Sleep Specialist, Craig Wolff, MD. Dr. Wolff is the only Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine in the southwest Georgia area and is familiar with the challenges affecting patients with sleep disorders.

The Sleep Center uses the following CPT codes for insurance purposes:

  • 95810 – Diagnostic In-Lab Sleep Study
  • 95811 – PAP (CPAP/BiPAP/APAP) In-Lab Sleep Study
  • 95811 – Split-Night In-Lab Sleep Study
  • 95782 – Pediatrics under 6 In-Lab Sleep Study
  • 95783 – Pediatrics under 6 PAP In-Lab Sleep Study
  • 95805 – MSLT or MWT (specialized daytime studies)
  • 95806/G0398/G0399 – Home Sleep Study
  • 95800/G0400 – WatchPAT Home Sleep Study (using PAT – peripheral arterial tonography)