HF10 Therapy

HF10 therapy is a therapeutic option that delivers a frequency of 10 kilohertz to provide pain relief to patients without causing burning or prickling sensations. HF10 safely delivers stimulations that doesn’t interfere with normal sensory perception, cognitive abilities or motor functions. It doesn’t interact with pain medications or require major surgery, and is completely reversible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chronic pain?

When pain lasts for six months or longer, it is considered to be chronic pain. Chronic pain is most commonly experienced in the back or legs. Severe pain can significantly interfere with a person’s quality of life and functionality.

What causes chronic pain?

There are many causes of chronic pain, including accidents, injuries, degenerative diseases, prior surgeries or the aging process.

How does HF10 Therapy work?

HF10 is a small implantable medical device that sends mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord to alter pain signals traveling to the brain, thus reducing pain. It uses mild pulses at a high frequency to quiet the pain-causing nerves. This is different compared to older stimulators that work by creating tingling in a patient’s pain area to distract the patient from their pain. With HF10, there is no tingling.

Can I drive with my stimulator?

HF10 is FDA-approved for use while driving.