Week 2

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Hey y'all! This is our second week of LB Fit 2019 and I just wanted to share what I've done.

I hit BodyTrac every morning around 9 am. Most days I'm a little early to get in extra cardio. On Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's I get a 30 minute workout with my trainer Kolbey. The other days I just do an hour cardio. I missed going to the gym on Friday due to an appointment, so that was a downer! But I plan on making it up!

I have to say I'm proud of myself for giving this all I got. I'm staying on top of the gym part, but I'm still working on the eating right. I don't fry foods or eat out often. My down fall is sweets, especially when I've had a very stressful day. I won't lie, I think I'm addicted to sweets, but I'm really working on curbing that.

Now last but not least, I went and saw the dietitian at Archbold this week. I went over what all I eat and how often I eat. She was such a sweetheart and made me feel like I'm actually doing this right! So that's all for this week folks!