Surviving the Pink Run

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Well y'all, I survived the Live Better Pink 5k run last weekend. Not only did I survive, but I cut a minute and a half off the last 5k that I ran two and a half years ago! In April 2017, my 5k time was 41:05, and this past weekend, I ran it in 39:35. I also made a new "personal best" because I ran 1.25 miles without stopping. That is the farthest that I have ever run without having to take a break! When the race started, I challenged myself to see how far I could jog without stopping. When I started getting a little tired, I checked my phone and saw that I had already jogged 0.70 of a mile and I told myself that I was surprisingly feeling great, so I told myself to keep going and see if I could make it to a mile- then I could take a walk. I got to the one mile sign, and I still felt great so I told myself to keep going, and wound up jogging another quarter of a mile. After that first mile, I jogged and walked the last two miles, but I would set small goals for myself. I would tell myself to jog past three driveways or mailboxes and then you can walk past two. That is a way that I kind of trick myself into jogging because it is hard for me to keep momentum after I've stopped.

Another personal best that I made during the run was the time for one mile. Earlier that week, part of a workout at CrossFit included running a mile for time. Coach said that we should take our time and not get too tired from it, but I mean, it's running, and running for me, no matter how far, I get winded. So, I decided to take it easy, but not too easy- I still wanted to see where I was at and my time was 10:54. The first mile that I jogged without stopping in the Pink Run was 10:15. As I have said before, I am no runner, but last weekend's run made me extremely happy. While I'm still slow, I'm proud of myself for pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and into something that I could one day not hate so much- and possibly learn to like. The only way to get better at something is to keep trying and do the best you can. Slow and steady!


Leslie Strickland