Putting in Work at the CrossFit Open

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I seriously cannot believe that we only have one more month of this program! Just in time for me to hit a plateau and mental block. Friday's weigh in showed that I lost 1.6 pounds. This has been sort of a rough month, so I knew going into Hannah's office this morning that it was not going to be anything impressive. It might not have been a lot, but at least I didn't gain and I am heading in the right direction (thanks, Hannah!)

I have noticed over the past years that when I try to lose weight, I lose motivation when I hit that 20 pound mark, and that's where I am at right now. Over the past month, I have been getting a lot of comments and compliments about how they can tell that I am losing weight. It is starting to get in my head a little more than it should and I have been finding myself saying, "Oh that cookie won't matter much- you're going to work out this afternoon anyway," and then I wind up eating two more cookies. No matter what they say- you cannot out train a bad diet! I'm kicking myself because I know this, but I still reached for that second cookie. Giving in to a guilty pleasure is good every now and then, but I definitely went above and beyond that limit.

The second workout of the Open was great. A couple of months ago, when Live Better held a Q&A live on Facebook, I mentioned that I had gotten my first toes-to-bar since coming back to CrossFit Thomasville in January. Well, I wound up getting 36 of them in the Open workout! One of the guys there could not believe that I never do them in our normal workouts. It definitely made me feel good about myself, and I can see how far that I have come over the past few months.

I have a goal to do better this last month. I'm going to eat better, not give into too many temptations, and keep working out. My puppy is now 17 weeks old, and he just had his last round of his Parvo vaccines, so I am going to start taking him to the park so both of us can get some cardio and exercise. I am foreseeing that I will be getting a lot more cardio in than he will though- wish me luck! Ha!


Leslie Strickland