New Pants and a Good Run Time

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Y'all. I was cleaning out my closet over the weekend, and I came across some work pants and jeans that I knew I would not fit into. I knew it was better to keep them so I just set them to the side with the thoughts that one day I would fit back in them and that would be one less pair that I would have to buy. One of my coworkers has been making comments about how my pants are baggy now, and I thought why not try on one pair of those pants. Turns outs, that "one day" was actually sooner than I thought! Not only did 3 pair of those pants fit, 2 of them are actually kind of loose! Talk about walking on Cloud 9! I told my coworker about this the next day and she told me that she better never see me where those baggy pants again.

I've also noticed that my jeans were getting baggy, and was having to keep pulling them up to put them back into place. So when I went to Old Navy with my mom last weekend (they had their jeans on sale for $17), I decided to pick up a pair that were a size smaller than what I was wearing at the time. Despite my mother's best efforts, I refused to try them on, telling her that I would be able to wear them eventually. Well, it turns out that they fit perfectly, and they are my favorite pair of jeans. I actually just ordered a couple more pair online. It's not really the scale that makes me happy—it's the "non-scale victories." The scale is just a number that we tend to obsess over (definitely guilty party here), but the way our clothes fit and how we feel should be what we focus on more than those lousy numbers.

So you know that I signed up for the Live Better Pink Run, and I've already mentioned before that I really dislike running. I'll be honest—I have not prepared for this. Before this week, the farthest that I have ran is 400 meters, and that's only when it's in a workout. This week at Thomasville CrossFit, we had a running workout. You could choose to either work out with a partner and have to run/walk with a 35 pound kettle bell, or you could run 2 miles. I decided to go with the 2 mile option since I have been preparing for this upcoming run. Before class, I joking asked Coach what to do if we didn't meet the 20 minute time cap, and he told me to keep going. So I did. I knew going into it that I would not meet that mark, I mean, the fastest mile that I have ever ran took me 9:58, and I was 20 pounds lighter! But I did finish in better timing than I thought it would- 24:45, and that felt great!


Leslie Strickland