Losing Weight and Feeling Great

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Well, today was the four month weigh in day, and I am down 22.2 pounds!

It might not look like a lot in text, but the feels are real! Imagine carrying four 5-pound bags of potatoes around all the time!

During a workout last week at Thomasville CrossFit, it really hit home on how much weight I have actually lost. For the warm up, we had to grab a "light-weight" medicine ball and run 400 meters with it, and every 100 meters, you had to do 5 overhead squats (where you hold the ball over your head and squat- it's harder than it looks though). So me being me, I waited around to let the newer members grab the 10 pound balls, but by the time I got to them, the 14 pound balls had already been picked so I was stuck with a choice of the 20 pound ball or the 30 pound one- of course I chose the 20 pound one. My friend and I were holding up the rear, and of course I was talking about how heavy the ball was, when about 3 overhead squats after the 300 meter mark, I realized that I was carrying the exact weight that I have lost since this program started. I was in complete shock. 20 may look like a small number, but man is it heavy when you're having to carry it in your arms! Even when you think about four bags of potatoes, it really does not put it into perspective, but that sure did.

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Jacksonville to the Alan Jackson concert, and while I didn't eat as bad as I normally would have, I still made some bad decisions between the hamburgers, and the adult beverages. I had a blast though and it was totally worth somewhat letting go for a night.

Since the concert was on Saturday, we did not get back until mid-afternoon so me being the lazy person that I am, I did not do any meal prep! I wound up having to go grocery shopping on Tuesday, and bought some thin pork chops and lots of salad mix. I went for easy meals because it has been a pretty mentally exhausting week since I started a new job that requires a lot of learning, but I take each day one day at a time and know that everything will work its way out- with a little hard work.


Leslie Strickland