Leslie Does Run

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At this point of the program, I can really tell a difference in everything.

Nick, our coach at Thomasville CrossFit, has been programming a lot of cardio lately. Have I told you that I'm not cardio's biggest fan? Like, at all?

Well, cardio is "hardio" for me, and always has been. Back in college, when I didn't need to do cardio, I told people that my life motto was "Leslie don't run." Yes, I used the incorrect grammar and everything because that's how much I meant it.

Fast forward to the present, I actually have a goal to jog a 5k without stopping. College Leslie would have never seen this coming! Now, I'm not the best at running, especially longer distances, but in order to get better at something, you have to practice. I feel like this is an accomplishment that I can achieve in due time, especially with the way eating healthy has me feeling mentally and physically.

As I said previously, there has been a lot of cardio this week, and I'm actually proud of myself because I can see that I'm able to push myself harder and go longer in cardio workouts than I used to be able to. I've surprised myself in every workout of the week. All of this hard work is paying off, and it's an amazing feeling. Now to sign up for a 5k...


Leslie Strickland