Halfway There

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Halfway there! It really is crazy how fast this program is going by! I am down 16.5 pounds so far, and so many inches! I'm noticing a big difference in my clothes, so I'm sure I'll have to make myself buy some new ones soon. If I haven't mentioned this yet, I despise clothes shopping. Take me to Hobby Lobby or a kitchen store any day, and I would be the happiest person out there.

This week, we added an 8 week old black lab puppy, Otis, into the mix. While my heart is full, my body and mind are exhausted. Lunches went great- baked garlic parmesan chicken tenders and a different variety of green veggies to choose from. While they were not too bad, the dinners did not go as smooth as usual. I rushed home to let this clumsy puppy out after CrossFit every day, and stayed in the back yard with him for at least an hour because I felt guilty for leaving him in a kennel all day. That being said- I ate simple. Scrambled eggs are my "go to" for easy meals- I love breakfast for dinner! A couple of other nights, I had spaghetti with deer meat, and zucchini noodles. In hindsight, the week went better than I thought it would.


Leslie Strickland