Weekend Workouts

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I worked out this week at the YMCA with Shawn on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We completed boxing workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. Shawn has really amped up those workouts, to where we’re sparring. It’s tough, but a really good workout.

Wednesday was more of a body weight workout. It was a nice change of pace, but still difficult.

My wife and I went to the beach this weekend, where she made us ride bikes Saturday morning. I was hoping to relax the whole time at the beach and not really workout (and eat all the seafood), but she made sure I got a small workout in.

I’ve been trying some new and healthy recipes at home during the week, too. I’ve discovered the Banza pasta, which is made out of chickpeas. I love it! I’ve also enjoyed zucchini enchiladas, eggplant casserole and a few other things. We also bought an air fryer to help with roasting vegetables; roasted okra has become my new favorite side dish, for sure.


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