Pink Elite Challenge Ready

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I met with Hannah this week for weigh-ins and to get measurements taken. I’m finally starting to be able to see the weight coming off on the scale and see my measurement numbers going down. I lost 3 pounds this month, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but my goal is not to drastically lose a bunch of weight just while doing the program, but to be able to continue this new lifestyle and lose weight continuously even after the program is over.

My back has been a little sore this week from, what I assume is, over-exerting myself during a workout last week. Shawn took that into account during my workouts this week, but we still got a good couple of days in. We did more cardio and plyometric exercises and less weight lifting to try and take some of the stress off of my lower back. I was only able to get three days in at the YMCA this week because my wife and I went to Nashville for the UGA game. Even on vacation, I was able to hit my exercise and calories goal because we chose to walk most places instead of driving.

I also signed up to compete in the Live Better Pink Run. However, along with Rob I’ll be competing in the Pink Elite Challenge as well. Wish us luck!


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