Crushing the Pink Elite Challenge

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I spent last weekend in Athens eating tailgate food, and I may have over-indulged as a manner of celebration for the big win. A minor setback for a major comeback.

I’ve been upping my workouts at the YMCA to four days a week in order to try and prepare the Pink Run that was this past Saturday. I signed up for the 5k and the challenge portion of the race, which includes 6 different workout stations. Shawn and I began each workout this week by running outside from the YMCA to the church at the end of Dawson Street. Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot farther when you run than when you drive. We also mixed in supersets and quick paced workouts on Monday and Wednesday, with a boxing workout on Tuesday and Thursday. Shealy joined us on Thursday for the workout, so it was nice to have someone else there…and take the focus off me for a little bit.

I finished the Pink Elite Challenge on Saturday with a total time of about 54 minutes. Not the best overall time, but I believe I still beat my personal best 5k time.

On a final note to my fellow Live Better participants, I saw Hannah eating ice cream this weekend, so remember that we are allowed to treat ourselves from time to time.


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