Boxing and Cake

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This week was a stressful, but fun, one.

The YMCA was closed on Monday because of Labor Day, but I was able to get in and workout with Shawn on Tuesday and Thursday. The YMCA was going through some renovations on Tuesday in their weight room, so Shawn and I strictly did boxing that day. So, while I didn’t get too sore, it was a good cardio day. On Thursday, we were able to get back in the gym, and Shawn was apparently trying to make up for the day we lost, because my whole upper body felt like Jell-O after our workout.

My wife’s birthday is this week, but we threw her a party on Saturday so I was in charge of organizing that this week, as well. The party was a success though, and everybody had their fill of oysters and low country boil. If Hannah asks, I didn’t have any cake.


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