Yard Work Makes the Best Workout

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Hi Guys!

Week 4 was a big one! It was my husband’s birthday and our 18th wedding anniversary!

We spent the majority of our time this week working to finish up a big fish pond project that we started before our St. Augustine trip. We dug the hole for the pond before we left so after we got back, we had to unload three pallets of rocks and two giant boulders. It was a labor-intense project but in the end, the fish pond turned out great and it was totally worth it all the work.

I also met with the nutritionist, Hannah, this week for my one-month weigh in. I weighed exactly the same as my original weigh and measurements showed a decrease in my arms, which I'm proud of. I can tell that I'm gaining muscle and I like seeing that change in my body. I’m working to get my nutrition under control and I believe at the end of this journey I will definitely see positive changes in my body and in my life.


Gina Curry