Week 2

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Hi Everyone!

Week 2 was challenging for me both mentally and physically. I had a busy week at work which made me feel drained during my workouts a Townie. I began to feel that I was doing something wrong and started to doubt my ability to do this.

Running is not my strong point and I get embarrassed because it takes me longer to finish my runs than it does others. When we partnered up, I felt like I was slowing them down. I had to have a pep talk with myself and realized that it wasn't about how I finished. What was important was that I finished. We're all working hard and it’s not about who finishes first. I also voiced my thoughts about it to the group and they told me that it didn't bother them that it takes me longer which was more validation.

I had a weak moment this week with eating sweets. My mother lives with us and she loves to bake or buy sweets for my son. I have no self-control when sweets are introduced into my environment, so I had to have a heart to heart with my mom. I might have hurt her feelings a little bit about it but we agreed that from now on there won’t be any sweets left on the counter.


Gina Curry