Week 1

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The first week went pretty well for Chris and me. We both met with Hannah, the dietitian at Archbold. I went three times and Chris went four times to Townie: A Fitness Community. I love that when I go to exercise at Townie, I don't have to think about what to do because the coaches lead the workout and encourage us to push ourselves. I know that I wouldn't push myself as hard as I do if it weren't for them. I love that the work outs are grueling and that I'm sweating my tail off! And everyone there seems to feel the same way... it really does feel like a community! I feel welcome, and I feel that there is an unspoken connection between everyone there. I was an athlete growing up, playing softball and tennis throughout high school and softball in college. Almost thirty years after I thought that part of my life was over, I feel that I've rekindled a bit of that athletic flame that I used to love so much. Thanks, Townie!

Meeting with Hannah, the dietitian, was really interesting and encouraging. For Chris and me, the nutrition part is going to be the most challenging. We both work a lot! And when we're not at work, we're trying to do what needs to be done at home, and be good parents to our son, who is 8 years old. I love to work outside in the yard, and cooking meals doesn't quite make it to the top of my to-do list. I used to cook more, but my son and Chris are both very picky eaters, and we have totally different tastes in food. Seldom do they eat what I cook, unless it's hamburgers or tacos. Not many veggies make it into them. I've kind of given up and just quit trying to cook. I was raised on veggies and I enjoy trying new dishes. Chris and I have agreed to plan our meals weekly, to drink more water, and to eat veggies every day. I was excited to learn that it's okay for me to continue drinking my Splenda Tea! I love sweet tea, and if I had to give it up I think I'd cry! We are looking forward to seeing this lifestyle challenge through until it just becomes a new lifestyle. We pray that we have strength during moments of weakness, that we have fun, and most of all we come out as better versions of ourselves and better parents for our son when this is over!


Gina Curry