Fitting Workouts In Before a Trip

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This week I tried to fit in everything in before going out of town. We had a 15 hour trip to Michigan, so I tried to get my workouts in before my trip.

While on a road trip like this I usually make bad choices, but I was proactive in preparing healthy snacks. We only stopped for breakfast, gas, and to walk the grandpuppy. I felt good about my choices this time on the road because I stuck to the plan.

My weight loss was a little disappointing this past weigh in. I am not where I expected to be. I kind of expected the stall to come as it usually does, but Hannah and I talked it over and I have a new plan . I am in a good place. The weight may not be cooperative at the moment but I can wear almost everything in my closet that was once too small. I'll take that for now!


Debbie Campbell