Committed to the Gym

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It was a hard week having to smell the Honeybuns cooking in downtown Thomasville.

Let me tell you, working in Thomasville and smelling the aroma of Flowers Baking Company, is both a treat and a temptation. If I was a cartoon character I would have been floating over there on the Honeybun aroma LOL. But I always remember that I can't out train a bad diet.

This week has been very productive for me with the time change. I committed to getting up and hitting the gym before work this entire week. I did it! I could only do cardio so I chose the Stairmaster for 20 minutes in the mornings, and then I would go back for afternoon classes or just workout on my own.

Wednesday I did 3 (circuit, core, and PF360 Burn) classes with the Planet Fitness Trainer Michael. Wow, it was intense!

On Thursday I did the PF class back and triceps, and I’m starting to see muscles I’ve never seen before :)

Friday I signed on for 2 classes (core, and PF Burn) I will go back this afternoon for cardio for 30 minutes. I hope to keep this momentum going!


Debbie Campbell