Photo for Working Out and Eating Healthy While on a Trip

Working Out and Eating Healthy While on a Trip

I had to be sure I was eating healthy after traveling the past few days. Although there was one day where I just ate what I wanted. It was nice :) Cracker Barrel was my breakfast choice, and I had a no regrets because it was delicious. I watched what I ate the rest of the day, but that meal hit the spot! I had so many stairs to contend with too, because of where I’m staying that I'm sure I walked that breakfast off! There is a gym in my son’s apartment complex, so I took advantage of...

Photo for Fitting Workouts In Before a Trip

Fitting Workouts In Before a Trip

This week I tried to fit in everything in before going out of town. We had a 15 hour trip to Michigan, so I tried to get my workouts in before my trip. While on a road trip like this I usually make bad choices, but I was proactive in preparing healthy snacks. We only stopped for breakfast, gas, and to walk the grandpuppy. I felt good about my choices this time on the road because I stuck to the plan. My weight loss was a little disappointing this past weigh in. I am not where I...

Photo for A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

This week has been has gone well. I haven't been able to get back to the lake to walk, but I have been making it to Planet Fitness where I usually spend most of my spare time before going home. The scale isn't moving at the moment, but I'm not discouraged because I keep reaching in the closet for my clothes I couldn't fit into and now they either fit or they are too loose. I'm still a work in progress and that's okay. I didn't gain this weight at one time, I know I can lose it in due time!

Photo for Feeling the Burn

Feeling the Burn

This week has been eventful and it challenged me to find a way to exercise if I couldn't get to my Planet Fitness classes. My Planet Fitness app gives me options for a quick workout when I can't make it to the gym. I also remind myself that I have to make healthy meal decisions when I can’t make it to the gym. One morning I really thought I wasn't going to make it to my core class, so I decided to work out that morning before work, but things worked themselves out and I made a core...

Photo for Meeting Weekly Goals

Meeting Weekly Goals

Tuesday I went in to Planet Fitness to do my warm-up and an upper body workout. For cardio, I decided to go over to Cherokee lake and walk to measure my endurance. I did pretty well. I felt good enough to do three miles, it took 57 minutes but I'm okay with that for now. Taylor, my trainer, switched up our core exercises again; it was challenging but rewarding afterwards. I also reached one of my weekly goals, which was walking at the lake three days a week! It was relaxing but very...

Photo for Working Hard at Planet Fitness

Working Hard at Planet Fitness

I have added walking outside back into my cardio routine to try and get myself ready for the Live Better Pink Run at the end of the month. I worked with Taylor at Planet Fitness in three class circuits, core and burn one day this week. When I say she worked me hard, I felt out of shape that day! LOL! She had new exercises for us to try in the core class and the burn class. I was on fire by the end of each set. But as always, I felt good about the work I put in.

Photo for Can\'t Stop, Won\'t Stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

This week I decided to change up my workouts and do my cardio outdoors. The community center has a walking track so I decided to kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes. My grandpuppy need to get out and exercise, and so did I! We went to the track and got a good mile in before he quit on me! I really enjoyed being outside. I have added more stretching into my daily routine. It really helps the soreness of my daily workout regimen. Stretching is my go to exercise routine if...

Photo for New Workout Goals

New Workout Goals

This week, my trainer Taylor has been pushing my limits at Planet Fitness. She’s set me up with a new plan. I have been meeting my goal of ten minutes without pausing the Stairmaster. After five minutes, I usually talk myself through each minute. I talk myself into one more minute. Whenever I get to five minutes, I tell myself just make it six minutes and so on. Once I see that I’ve made it to nine minutes, I know I can make ten minutes and by then I'm done. Now I've got to increase...

Photo for Thankful for Encouraging Friends

Thankful for Encouraging Friends

Thank God for having my mind set on being healthy and living a healthier lifestyle. I know that I have to do this for me and no one else. I have some great friends that push me on those days after working with Taylor when my body says no more! They always encourage me to do something, so I somehow make it to my classes or go in to Planet Fitness and work on some of things Taylor (PF Trainer) designed specifically for me. I am enjoying this journey. I know this not a short-term journey,...

Photo for Changing My Story

Changing My Story

Wow! This week was a battle with the scale! I have been in the gym all week! Some days I dragged myself in, but once there I just felt I could do one more thing before I left. I can tell I'm getting stronger in my core classes, and I'm getting a little better at certain exercises. I love working with Taylor, our trainer at Planet Fitness. She pushes us to give it our all. Tuesday I decided to try the Hammer strength machine for abdominal muscles. I haven't been able to do more than...

Photo for Working Through Wall Sits

Working Through Wall Sits

I had only 3 days of working out at Planet Fitness this week. They were 3 good days of hard work, though, and my body is telling me that! My workouts Monday and Wednesday were dedicated the PF360 Burn. I had to really push through the last set with the help of my fellow work out partner, we push each other to finish every set. I can feel everything I worked on. No pain, no gain! I feel accomplished after my time put in at the gym. I decided to add some wall sits into my work outs at...

Photo for Good Workouts and Healthy Dinners

Good Workouts and Healthy Dinners

Well, I had to work hard this week to get back on the good side of my scale! The scale has no filter, but you have to love it for always telling you the truth. I dreaded the 30 minute circuit on Monday at Planet Fitness, but Taylor didn’t let up and one of my friends in the gym has been very supportive. We push each other to do more! Robert also worked out in the burn class this week. We put in some hard work! I had a taste for a Philly Cheese Steak, so I made them for dinner....