Joann Tillman

During my annual checkup at The Shaw Center, Dr. Bruhn found something concerning during a routine clinical breast exam. She referred me to Dr. Waller for a second opinion, who arranged an ultrasound and mammogram at Archbold Women’s Center.

The radiologist, Dr. Sherman discovered I had 2 cysts and 2 tumors. My initial reaction to the diagnosis was more curiosity than fear. I was curious as to why, at this time in my life, was I about to be confronted with all of the exams and hassle that come with determining if I had to prepare to fight cancer. My life was hectic enough without a major health issue. I figured this was just part of the journey needed for my continuous spiritual growth.

Dr. Sherman explained everything to me about having a biopsy. I told him that I was off work the next day, and wanted to have the procedure done then. He contacted Dr. Waller and everything was good to go for the next day. Now that’s world class service.

Dr. Carico performed the procedure. I was impressed by how Dr. Sherman and Dr. Carico and Debbie Beeson, the breast cancer patient navigator, explained everything to me. I asked a lot of questions. They really made me feel comfortable.

I really thought long and hard about when to share the preliminary diagnosis with my family. I believe that prayer and positive energy play an integral part in my health and wellness. So, I was not ready for a pity party or despondent attitudes from the people most close to me. When I shared the diagnosis everyone was upbeat.

The biopsy was done on Wednesday and Dr. Waller’s office called me on Friday to say the cyst and tumors were benign (not cancerous). That was an awesome result to have!

For those who worked with me at Archbold, thanks. Everyone was great. Physicians are probably the most highly trained professionals in our society. It is very comforting when compassion is added to all that training.