Granville Jones

The Thomas county health screen set up through Archbold saved my life.  Because of my abnormal blood work, I immediately went to the doctor where it was determined that I had colon cancer.  During my treatment, I walked four miles a night and lost over 100 pounds.  What I liked about all of my doctors at Archbold is at the start they are cautious and thorough but once the doctors found the problem they were aggressive in the treatment.  If it weren’t for the health screen, my illness would have gone unnoticed until it would have been too late.  Since my treatment, I have had excellent follow-up with the doctors and they continue to monitor my case.  Due to a follow-up visit, a spot on my kidney was found which happened to be the early stages of kidney cancer.  It was caught so early that the cancer didn’t spread and that is how important my follow-up visits are.

The new facility will be wonderful.  The girls that work at the oncology center are angels, they are always smiling and they treat all of the patients with respect.  My experience with Archbold has been great from start to finish.

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Archbold.