Ed Rich

Eleven years ago, the Wednesday before 9/11, I had a massive heart attack which resulted in four stents being placed in my main artery.

This past November, my cousin told me about the free vascular screenings at Archbold, so I signed up. After my feet, stomach and neck were examined, I was told to sit in the waiting room, and not to go anywhere. I didn’t really worry because I knew I was in a good place.  As it turns out, the left side of my neck was 99% blocked. I had a big problem.

One week later I checked into Archbold and chose Dr. Sizemore as my interventional cardiologist after listening to several consults. Dr. Sizemore talked me through the procedure. He even drew me a picture to illustrate the part of the vein where he would be placing the stent.

My family and I felt very confident in Dr. Sizemore. He explained to us what he was going to do and that made us feel very comfortable.

The procedure went well and I was able to leave the hospital the very next day. I haven’t had anymore headaches or problems since then. 

Dr. Sizemore prescribed cardiac rehab to help me get my heart back into shape. Since I’m a Cairo resident, I chose the Cardiac Rehab Program at Grady General Hospital. Angie Prince has been very instrumental in educating me on how to monitor my heart rate. She’s been an inspiration to me to want to be as healthy as I once was.  

Looking back, had I not taken advantage of the screening, I would have never known how close I was to having another heart attack or a stroke. I was very fortunate in getting the free test done to find out I had a big problem. It would be a big advantage to anyone to go and get this free test, because you don’t ever know.  I was a time bomb walking around with that thing in my head, and had I not had that test, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Everyone should take advantage of this free test, because you don’t ever know. The screening didn’t cost anything but 15 minutes of my time.

This was my first experience with Archbold. It was important to me to have this procedure at Archbold because my family was close by. I feel good about the programs and staff there. I want to thank them for what they’ve done for me. I don’t know how to say it any other way. Thank you. The people are dedicated and I’d give all the nurses in the Heart and Vascular Center a grade of 100%. We had a great relationship.



We felt very confident with Dr. Sizemore and the treatment he recommended. There are several nurses up in the Heart and Vascular Center that we know and it was a comfort.

Our daughter even asked the nurses “If this was your dad would you want him to have the surgery here?” They said yes so we felt even better about our decision.

Throughout the surgery, the nurses kept constant communication with us to let us know how things were going. We were very pleased.

- Pat Rich, Ed Rich's wife