Clarence Gilmore

In December 2009, I underwent gastric bypass surgery in Atlanta. One month later I became extremely ill from complications that resulted from the surgery.

I spent six months at Archbold Memorial Hospital, three months Mitchell County Hospital and had three months of Archbold Outpatient Rehabilitation for therapy.

A touch of heaven, that’s where I went, a touch of heaven. The doctors at Archbold did a tremendous job saving my life. Doctors Wolff, Crenshaw, Karas, Khan and the team of nurses at Archbold, especially in the Intermediate Care Unit, really saved my life. Dr. Rubendall and the nurses in Camilla took care of me in sub-acute care at Mitchell County Hospital when I left Archbold.

Archbold Home Health I couldn’t even roll in my wheelchair or stand up and take my own showers. It’s like being in the hospital but being in your own comfortable space.

Now Archbold Outpatient Rehab is teaching me how to build my muscles up and get strong, so I can walk again.

I thank all the people who have worked with me in the hospitals and at home and those who prayed for me.

The Archbold system has the best teamwork and the combination is top notch. They have the best staff and they are all working together.



Archbold Home Health has done a great job sticking with him and giving him confidence to be able heal and feel better.

-Cynthia Huntley, Clarence’s Fiancée


We thank God for Archbold who worked so diligently to save my son’s life.

-Nora Gilmore, Clarence’s Mother