Ann Page

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August 2010. 

My primary doctor in Quitman, Dr. Velez, sent me to Dr. Simms in Thomasville where I found out it was cancer.

I came to Archbold because I know we have very good doctors here, a good hospital and a new wonderful Oncology facility that stands out above others.

Dr. Patterson was so kind to me. He would sit and talk with me and that would calm me down. I just knew he was going to be there for me.

My surgery was on September 1, 2010. Then came 4 rounds of Chemo.  If you get through chemo, you are blessed.  It is not easy and does not make you feel good, but you must have it to get better.

I found ways to get through it though; I am a cut up so I cut up with all my folks and called my doctors good looking and smell good and etc.  You have to do something to keep from crying.  Also, Debbie Beeson, the Breast Cancer Patient Navigator, is a God send.

As I was going through treatment, I just felt blessed and my family was so assured that I was being taken care of.  Everyone at the Dr. McHayleh is very good with his patients and Bobbie, his nurse, is just as nice as he is.

It has been so important to receive this level of caring and treatment close to home. 

My LAST chemo treatment was in January 2011!

At this point, I’m moving forward one day at a time. I will forever be indebted to each one of the people I came in contact with during this time of my life.  I can never repay them, but I can pray for them. And that’s what I do daily.