Archbold strives to provide quality, comprehensive care to its community; this means we provide the caring experience for patients as well as employees.  Each banner at the top of the website features real patients and employees with their authentic quotes.  We would like to thank each patient and employee who contributed to the website.  To read more quotes click on one of the links below.


Temesia Calloway, Grady General Hospital

Ashley Gay, Archbold Memorial Hospital

Betty Jones, Archbold Memorial Hospital

Brian McLaughlin, Grady General Hospital

Mae Eva Williams, Archbold Memorial Hospital


Ann Page, Patient

April Wood, Patient

Chris Page, Patient

Clarence Gilmore, Patient

Debbie Beeson, Patient 

Ed Rich, Patient

Gail Johnson, Patient

Granville Jones, Patient

Jack Megahee, Patient

Jimmy Singletary, Family Member

Joann Tillman, Patient

Larry O’Neal, Patient

Linda Reagan, Patient

Marie Hutcherson, Patient

Nancy Silvis, Patient

Nita Lynde, Patient

Rudolph Allen, Patient

Virginia Tuck, Glenn-Mor Resident