Drug Free Workplace Training

On Line Drug Free Workplace Training using Employee and Supervisor Updates is available, when scheduled group meetings are not possible, due to extenuating circumstances, such as a pandemic.

EAP Employee Updates and supervisor updates are published quarterly. As the drug free workplace coordinator, please distribute each issue to the employees. Once they have read the materials, they will sign the signature sheet. The supervisors will read each of these issues as well as the supervisor issues and also sign that they have read them.

Four Updates must be completed annually by the employees and supervisors for certification and to qualify for discount on Workers Compensation Insurance, each year.

When completed, the sign in sheets will be returned to Archbold Employee Assistance Program, by fax at 229-228-2215, or e-mail at aeap@archbold.org,. We will issue your application for certification or annual recertification of the Drug Free Workplace Premium Credit Program, to be forwarded to the state.

The state will issue a certificate for your records and to be presented to your WCI carrier for premium discount.