Outpatient Speech Therapy Services at Archbold

Speech therapy assesses and treats speech disorders and communication problems.

The trained and licensed speech therapists at Archbold’s Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine clinic in Thomasville, Georgia, help people develop skills like comprehension, clarity, fluency, and sound production. We also treat childhood speech disorders and speech impairments caused by stroke, brain injury, or other conditions.

Why Is Speech Therapy Important?

Speech therapists (also known as speech-language pathologists or SLP) use customized treatment plans that help people of all ages improve their speech and language skills.

The benefits of speech therapy include:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased independence
  • Improved ability to comprehend and express ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • School readiness for young children
  • Enhanced vocal quality
  • Early language skills
  • Better swallowing function
  • Improved quality of life

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Speech Therapy?

People of all ages and various conditions can benefit from speech therapy. Some of the conditions commonly treated with speech therapy include:

  • Aphasia (difficulty reading, writing, speaking, and understanding language)
  • Apraxia (knowing what to say, but having trouble forming the words)
  • Articulation disorders
  • Cognitive-communication disorders
  • Dysarthria (slow or slurred speech)
  • Expressive disorders (difficulty comprehending what someone is saying)
  • Fluency disorders and stuttering (speech that’s interrupted or blocked)
  • Receptive disorders (difficulty comprehending what someone is saying)
  • Resonance disorders (conditions affecting the oral or nasal cavities such as cleft palate, swollen tonsils, etc)

Why Choose Archbold’s Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine for Speech Therapy?

Archbold's Advanced Therapy and Sports Medicine clinic offers goal-directed treatments that are used to help patients return to their daily activity levels. Our licensed professionals and clinicians use state-of-the-art equipment and new technologies to help you return to a happy and healthy life post-surgery or illness.

Our new state-of-the-art therapy clinic in Thomasville offers some of the most advanced speech therapy services in the South Georgia region, including:

  • FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) for real-time video of swallow studies NEW!
  • Improving communication skills of all ages, including Pediatrics
  • LSVT Loud and SPEAK OUT! certified for Parkinson’s disease treatment
  • Oncology Therapy Services
  • Vital Stim program

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