Hurricane Michael Update--October 14, 2018--8:30am EST

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Please find updated important information below on hospital and facility operations as of Sunday, October 15, 8:30am. We will update this page as we have more information to provide you.

Information for Archbold Staff

  • Archbold Memorial Hosital, Grady General Hospital, Brooks County Hospital, Mitchell County Hospital, Archbold Northside, Pelham Parkway Nursing Home, Glen-Mor Nursing Home and Mitchell Convalescent Center have converted back to regular power. They are no longer operating on emergency power.
  • Email has been restored and is accessible at Archbold facilities where power and internet access has been restored. Blackberry services are functional.
  • Archbold Northside and Archbold Health Services are still without internet at this time.
  • Water has been restored to Mitchell County Hospital and Pelham Parkway Nursing Home.
  • Roads throughout the region may still have debris or are impassable. If you are traveling to any of our facilities for your shift, please leave early as you are still likely to encounter delays.
  • For more information on road closures in our service area, please visit:
  • All staff need to check with their supervisor to determine staffing needs in your department this weekend and next week.
  • Archbold Patient Financial Services and departments located at the Administrative Services Building are still without power at this time. We’re hopeful the process of power restoration will begin in that area Monday. Employees should check with their supervisor for more information on where the should report and when they should return to work.
  • Managers and supervisors should remember payroll must be handled by Monday, October 15 at 1pm. Teresa Binion will be available Sunday afternoon between 1:00-4:00pm at extension 584-7204 or 584-7200 for any payroll questions. If you do not have power or internet access in your department, you may use the computer lab in the East Tower to access API. The computer lab will be open all weekend and Monday.

Hospital and Facility Operation Information

  • As of Sunday, October 15 at 8:30am, the Archbold Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has closed.
  • We are still limiting hospital visitation at Grady General Hospital and Mitchell County. If you need medical attention or must visit, please gain entrance to the hospital through the Emergency Department at these facilities. All other entrances remain closed until further notice.
  • Vsitors now may enter through the main entrances at Archbold Memorial Hospital and Brooks County Hospital.
  • Mitchell County Hospital’s laboratory is fully functional.
  • Mitchell County Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation will resume normal operating hours Monday, October 15.
  • All elective outpatient services and surgical procedures will resume at Grady General Hospital on Monday, October 15.
  • Surgical procedures and endoscopy procedures are now operational at Archbold Memorial Hospital.
  • The cath lab at Archbold Memorial Hospital is fully functional.
  • Below is a list of Archbold facilities that are now operating under regular business hours.
    • Archbold Ambulatory Care Center for pre-op procedures only.
    • Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center is open for infusion treatments only Saturday, October 13.
    • Archbold Urgent Care
    • Archbold HomeCare Store/Pinetree Pharmacy
    • Archbold Wound Care Center
    • South Georgia Surgical Associates
    • Archbold Primary Care
    • Cardiology Consultants of South Georgia
    • Archbold Neurosurgery Services
    • Archtrans
    • Brooks County Outpatient Rehab
    • Archbold Pulmonology and Critical Care Services
    • Archbold Outpatient Rehab
  • Below is a list of Archbold Medical Group facilities that are expected to be open Monday, October 15, 2018, for regular business hours.
    • Urology Associates of Archbold
    • Archbold Neurology Services
    • Archbold Gastroenterology Group
    • Archbold Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Center
    • Bainbridge Specialty Clinic
  • Archbold Home Health Services is currently servicing patients in our East and West service areas.
  • Hospice of Southwest Georgia is currently servicing patients throughout our service area.
  • Brooks County Hospital’s phone system is operational.
  • Archbold Northside’s phone system is currently not operational. If you need to contact Archbold Northside, call 229.227.6829.
  • Cell service is still unreliable in Grady County and Mitchell County.

Communication Updates

  • We will also communicate changes in hospital operations to our staff via Everbridge, our hospital mass communication system.
  • Thomas County E-911 has an Emergency Notification System (Reverse 911) that will allow the general public to receive alerts issued by Thomas County 911 on their cell phones and e-mail. To sign-up for these alerts, visit:

Shelter Options

Our hospitals are not shelters. Please do not seek shelter at the hospitals.

If you need a shelter or if you are currently without power and have power-dependent medical needs (need power to operate oxygen concentrators, home dialysis machine, etc.), you can use New Covenant Church in Thomasville as a shelter. Their information is as follows:

New Covenant Church

48 Patterson Still Spur

Thomasville, GA 31757


Home Medical Supplies

If you need extra oxygen tanks, Archbold Home Care Store has oxygen tanks for purchase. Their information is as follows:

Archbold Home Care Store

2705 Pinetree Boulevard

Thomasville, GA 31757


Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm


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