Archbold Hospitals Accepting Patients from Coastal Georgia

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Archbold Hospitals Accepting Patients from Coastal Georgia
Though Thomas and surrounding counties do not appear to be in the storm’s projected path, Archbold is working with health systems and first responders state-wide to lend a helping hand in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.

After a mandatory evacuation ordered by Governor Deal this morning for counties located on Georgia’s coast, it’s been reported that around 200 hospital patients will be transported to hospitals inland throughout the state.

Archbold hospitals located in South Georgia—Brooks County Hospital in Quitman, Grady General Hospital in Cairo and John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville—will initially be receiving 15 patients collectively, all of which are evacuating from Glynn County in Georgia.

“Archbold is monitoring the storm carefully, and we are working closely with coordinating state agencies to provide assistance and medical resources needed to ensure patients across the state are well cared for,” said Perry Mustian, Archbold president and CEO.


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