Archbold Encourages Hurricane Preparation

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Hurricane season is upon us and is here to stay until late November.

Archbold Medical Center is actively educating staff and preparing for what this year’s hurricane season may bring.

“We partner with the National Weather Service and monitor part of the alert system on a daily basis,” said Chuck Winchester, Archbold’s emergency management coordinator. “We get a weather briefing from the National Weather Service through the Hurricane Center at 5 a.m., and we analyze it and gauge whether it’s a threat for our region.”

“Archbold also prepares and plans for how we need to be ready for hurricane season by conducting drills and exercises,” said Winchester. “We make sure we have a lasting water supply and we check our generators monthly. We also keep the gutters clean, check our call lists and mass notifications, and we look at our memorandums of understanding with organizations that would provide aid to the hospitals if needed.”

The hospital is also encouraging community members to prepare at home.

“Community preparedness begins at home,” said Winchester. “It’s important to have an evacuation and communication plan in place, in case the weather becomes too severe to stay home. Individuals should have a good plan ahead of time as to where they may need to go if they’re told to evacuate. When severe weather is imminent, try to keep fuel in your vehicle and a bag with your belongings and emergency necessities ready to go.”

The National Hurricane Center advises that your emergency bag should contain:

  • a flashlight
  • batteries
  • cash
  • first aid supplies
  • medications
  • copies of critical information.

To stay up to date, Winchester recommends that citizens follow the Thomas County Emergency Management Agency on Facebook or register for Thomas County’s E-911 Emergency Notification System. To lean more, visit


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