Pulmonary Procedures at Archbold

The board-certified pulmonologists at Archbold Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Services have extensive training in diagnosing and treating conditions of the lungs and respiratory system. We use advanced imaging and treatment technology to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions of the respiratory tract for patients in South Georgia and North Florida.

Archbold’s pulmonologist performs the following routine and advanced pulmonary procedures.


Often used to find the cause of a lung problem, a bronchoscopy is a procedure that looks inside the lung airways. A bronchoscope tube is used to access the bronchi and bronchioles of your lungs and can detect tumors, signs of infection, excess mucus in the airways, bleeding, or blockages in the lungs. During the procedure, your doctor may take samples of mucus or tissue for additional laboratory testing. They may also insert airway stents or small tubes to keep your airway open to treat some lung problems.

To learn more about our minimally-invasive bronchoscopy technology, click here.

Ventilator Management

A ventilator is a piece of equipment used in the hospital’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to assist patients in breathing when they are unable to do so themselves. A ventilator is attached to a tube that is placed in the patient's airway so it can deliver breaths into the lungs of the patient.

Central Line Placement

A central venous catheter, also called a central line, is a long, thin, flexible tube used to give medicines, fluids, nutrients, or blood products over a long period of time (usually several weeks or more). A catheter is often inserted through a patient’s arm or chest into a large vein during a central line placement procedure.

Arterial Line Placement

Most commonly used when a patient is in the ICU or during anesthesia, an arterial line is placed to monitor blood pressure directly and in real-time and to obtain samples for arterial blood gas analysis.


Tracheal intubation (commonly referred to as intubation) is a procedure that involves the placement of a flexible plastic tube into the patient’s trachea (windpipe) to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer certain medications.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function tests are a group of tests that measure how well your lungs work. A pulmonary function test may be performed to determine how well you're able to breathe and how effectively your lungs are able to transport oxygen to the rest of your body.

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