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W. Merrill Hicks, Jr., MD Physician


Internal Medicine Vanderbilt University Nashville TN

Medical School

University of Mississippi Jackson MS

“I thank God for leading Dr. Hicks to Thomasville many years ago. He has taken care of my medical needs for over twenty years, and before that he took care of my father and mother. Words cannot express enough how grateful I am for Dr. Hicks.”
-A patient

“Life afforded me the opportunity to serve in the military and to play NFL football. Both careers mandated extensive medical evaluation. Needless to say, I’ve have been treated by doctors all around the country. In 1998, I was referred to Nephrology Consultants concerning kidney issues. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to be treated by three of the finest medical physicians I have ever come in contact with—Dr. Hicks, Dr. Santos and Dr. Crenshaw. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they greatly care about each and every patient that walk through those doors.”
-A patient

“Our doctors here are awesome with the patients. I have seen Dr. Crenshaw in action, praying comforting and assisting with needs outside the scope of nephrology. His compassion extends beyond the patient—he takes time with families, too. Dr. Ganta makes time on his off day to meet with patients and their family member. For years, Dr. Ganta has donated clothes and shoes to patients in need. When one of our patient home burned down Dr. Santos met the patient at Wal-mart to ensure the family had clothes, shoes, household and personal needs items. As our most senior physician, Dr. Hicks sets a great example for our entire team to follow. On behalf of all the staff and patients at Southwest Georgia Dialysis Facility we love and appreciate all our doctors and are grateful for their dedication and support.”
-Archbold employee

“In this past year, I had three surgeries, six weeks apart. Dr. Hicks was always available to me and helped me through some very rough times, even though he was not the doctor on any of my cases. I almost lost my insurance and benefits during this time, but Dr. Hicks helped me get in touch with the right people, and within three days everything was resolved. He didn’t have to do anything, but he was there when I needed him and went above and beyond. I know he would have done the same for anyone because it’s the kind of person he is, but he did it for me and I will be forever thankful.”

—A patient

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