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Timothy A. Jones, M.D.

Medical School

Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA


Pediatrics Brooke Army Medical Center El Paso TX

“Dr. Jones has been my kids’ pediatrician since they were born—they are now 19 and 16. He has always gone above and beyond for us whether it be helping us manage prescription costs or seeing us after hours. He truly loves his job and has such a gift with the children. He is such a blessing and a credit to his profession. He has always provided the most excellent care to my children, and I trust him totally. We love him so much!”

-A patient’s family member

“Seventeen years ago, I lost a baby at 28 weeks—she died shortly after birth. Dr. Jones was the pediatrician. I was told afterwards by the surgery nurses and Dr. Oscar Jackson that when Dr. Jones arrived, he knew he could not save my child, so he took her in his arms and rocked her until she passed away. I have never forgotten this and will always remain loyal to him. He is an awesome doctor and person.”

-A patient’s family member

“No matter if your child is sick with an ear infection or if they have the flu, it gets scary for a parent! In the past, I have worked next to Dr. Jones while caring for babies at Archbold. I have also watched him care for my two girls. He treats each and every child like they are his own, and as a parent, you can't express how much that means to you. My wife and I are very blessed to have such a caring person to help with the well-being of our children as they grow.”

-A patient’s family member

“He is such a wonderful doctor! He has sat on the floor to look into my child's eyes and hear what SHE told him about how she felt! He is so intuitive! He is so awesome! The only regret I have is that he can't be my doctor, too!”

-A patient’s family member

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