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Susan M. Harding, MD Physician


Albert Einstein Medical Center

Medical School

Temple University


Temple University Philadelphia PA

North Court Clinic
905 North Court Street
Quitman, 31643
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Internal Medicine

Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

“Dr. Harding cares about Brooks County Hospital and is invested in its success. She always helps with whatever is needed to make the hospital a better place for patients and staff. She is the physician that serves on most of our performance improvement projects, has served as Medical Director for the last two years, and is the Director of the Emergency Room and Respiratory Therapy.”

-Brooks County Hospital employee

“Dr. Harding cares so much about her patients. Recently, we had a teenager who required immediate transfer to another facility. Dr. Harding stayed with the patient and family during the transfer process. She calmed the mother and patient while monitoring the patient for any changes in her condition that would warrant any immediate treatment. Dr. Harding really goes above and beyond for her patients.”

-Brooks County Hospital employee

“Dr. Harding has been wonderful about accepting swingbed patients in a timely manner. This has helped us increase our census at BCH, and has helped Archbold Memorial Hospital decrease their length of stay, and ensure great follow-up care for patients.”

-Brooks County Hospital employee

“Dr. Harding has a physician’s work ethic from years gone by and genuinely loves her patients, staff and the community.”

-A staff member

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