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Michael K. Sopt, M.D. Physician


Family Practice St. Vincents Medical Center Jacksonville FL

Medical School

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine East Lansing MI

Primary Care of Southwest Georgia
907 North Court Street
Quitman, 31643
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“When I first saw Dr. Sopt as my personal physician I was borderline diabetic and borderline high cholesterol. Instead of putting me on medications he took time to explain the lifestyle changes (exercise and healthy diet) I needed to make to avoid having to take medications. I hate taking pills so I was motivated. At my last visit I was 14 pounds lighter and my test results showed I was moving in the right direction. He was almost as excited as I was. He gave me a fist bump and encouraged me to keep up the good work.”
-A patient

“While working in our physician clinics in Brooks County, I observed Dr. Sopt take up a lot of time with his patients. He carefully explained—and re-explained—their diagnoses and the need for them to adhere to their diet and medication regimens. He is a fantastic physician who truly cares about the health of his patients.”
-Brooks County Hospital employee

“A patient fell as she was coming into the ED at Brooks County Hospital. She was unable to get up and our ED registration officer called for a Code Green. Dr. Sopt immediately responded to the Code Green. He sat on the floor with the patient, talking to her and keeping her calm, while staff gathered the necessary equipment to assist the patient. He then helped staff get her up and into her wheelchair. It was so awesome to see a doctor go above and beyond for a patient.”

-Brooks County Hospital employee

“My husband is a patient of Dr. Sopt, and he is always bragging about how much time he spends with him during his visits and how much he is invested in his care. He feels very confident about his care and in Dr. Sopt's abilities.”

-A patient’s family member

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