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Kimberly Pickens, M.D.

Medical School

University of Kansas School of Medicine


Memorial University Medical Center Savannah GA

Family Medicine

Board Eligible, American Board of Family Medicine

“I will never forget the day I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I was in so much pain and had no idea what was going to happen to me. I was admitted into the hospital and it was my first time being admitted for medical problems. Dr. Pickens was so kind and very informative, and I lacked no knowledge of what was going on with my health. She is wonderful!”
—A patient

“Dr. Pickens is a wonderful doctor. She even called me at home to check how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a primary care physician.”
—A patient

“Dr. Pickens has so much compassion for her patients and they all just love her. No matter how busy she is, she takes the time and educates you on whatever it is you need to know. I recently started working with Dr. Pickens, and she is always showing me how to do new things. She’s always very pleasant and willing to listen. She is very busy, but considers everybody's problem important. I have recommended Dr. Pickens to several friends and family members, because she is such a caring doctor.”
—Archbold employee

“Dr. Pickens has really had an impact in my life and my family’s lives. My father is a four-time stroke patient that has had blood pressure problems since 1998. One day I saw Dr. Pickens at the hospital and asked her if she would see my dad. She asked what was going on with him and gave me an appointment right then and there even though she was busy seeing patients in the hospital at the time. Dr. Pickens has been able to get my dad’s blood pressure under control and he can now walk without his walker due to the relief in his edema. Dr. Pickens has also helped me with weight loss by encouraging me along the way and educating me on a healthy lifestyle. She truly is a blessing to me and my family. She is the true meaning of an awesome physician.”

—A patient

“Dr. Pickens took the time to personally call me after clinic hours (it was around 7pm) to explain a new medication to me and to also explain why she was switching me from my current medication. This, to me, demonstrates how much she truly cares about her patients by being sure any questions are addressed.”

—A patient

“Dr. Pickens has such a caring and compassionate soul. She spends her days and nights taking care of her patient's and giving them the best possible care. She has gone above and beyond to make sure my loved one had oxygen during a storm. His power was out for a few days and during this time he was not able to cook food, shower and he even had a hard time breathing due to lung cancer. He was unable to use a concentrator ran by electricity for his oxygen needs. She made sure to get all of the appropriate information in order so he could get extra portable oxygen tanks during this time. He may not have made it through this devastating time if he did not get the urgent attention that he needed to breathe. She always shows genuine concern for each of her patients and her hard work should not go unnoticed.”

-A patient’s family member

“Dr. Pickens has shown that she is dedicated to the health of her patients time and time again. Dr. Pickens takes the time to explain EVERYTHING. Our family was very concerned when my aunt's health took a turn for the worst. Dr. Pickens took the time to research and find the root cause of her illness and also did not hesitate in calling in specialists needed to assist in improving my aunt's health. Dr. Pickens consistently shows a level of care and concern which is genuine. She is truly a gem and we are so thankful to have her in Thomasville.”

-A patient’s family member

“I've been a patient of Dr. Pickens for a few years, and from the moment I became her patient, she became my motivator. I've always battled being overweight, and with every visit to Dr. Pickens, no matter if I gained or lost, her strong words of encouragement always pushed me to work harder to become a healthier me. Because of her, I'm able to inspire others, without even knowing! She's very smart in her craft, and I couldn't choose a better family physician.”

-A patient

“She has gone over and above to make sure that I have received quality care during my diagnosis. She explained things to me in such an easy manner to ensure that I understood what was happening to me. Her staff (Gentry and Alethea) have also been exceptional.”

-A patient

“My husband had been extremely ill for over 4 years without any definitive diagnosis before Dr. Pickens arrived. On our very first appointment, we could feel the compassion that she had for her patients and at the same time the slight sternness that was needed to dictate the tone of each visit. Further consult appointments were made for specialists and tests ordered --­she looked at the entire health picture and fought with us as though the battle was her own. When he was unexpectedly hospitalized, she was not the doctor on-call for the practice, but she came by to visit with us and be sure that things were going as she'd planned during the hospital stay. This was above and beyond behavior in our opinion because we'd not been seeing her as patients long. My husband is not fond of doctors, but he absolutely respects her, doesn't tend to miss appointments, and really listens to what she has to say. Dr. Pickens provides such a wonderful welcoming feeling you've known her all your life --- like she's family. It's easy to trust her, be comfortable to inquire and ask questions, and deep down you know that she has your best interest in mind which for us brought on such a presence of peace. My parents have since moved back to the home place and they now see her as their primary care as well. Their practice is not equipped to see pediatrics, but believe me if they did we'd camp out at night like they do on BLACK FRIDAYS. I wish we could clone her. EVERYONE LOVES HER and I just can't say enough about her. She doesn't try to be a certain way .. .SHE JUST IS and that is hard to come by in the world of medicine. Just impeccable!!!”

-A patient’s family member

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