Kimberly Pickens, M.D.

Medical School

University of Kansas School of Medicine


Memorial University Medical Center Savannah GA

Family Medicine

Board Eligible, American Board of Family Medicine

“I will never forget the day I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I was in so much pain and had no idea what was going to happen to me. I was admitted into the hospital and it was my first time being admitted for medical problems. Dr. Pickens was so kind and very informative, and I lacked no knowledge of what was going on with my health. She is wonderful!”
—A patient

“Dr. Pickens is a wonderful doctor. She even called me at home to check how I was feeling. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a primary care physician.”
—A patient

“Dr. Pickens has so much compassion for her patients and they all just love her. No matter how busy she is, she takes the time and educates you on whatever it is you need to know. I recently started working with Dr. Pickens, and she is always showing me how to do new things. She’s always very pleasant and willing to listen. She is very busy, but considers everybody's problem important. I have recommended Dr. Pickens to several friends and family members, because she is such a caring doctor.”
—Archbold Medical Group team member

“Dr. Pickens has really had an impact in my life and my family’s lives. My father is a four-time stroke patient that has had blood pressure problems since 1998. One day I saw Dr. Pickens at the hospital and asked her if she would see my dad. She asked what was going on with him and gave me an appointment right then and there even though she was busy seeing patients in the hospital at the time. Dr. Pickens has been able to get my dad’s blood pressure under control and he can now walk without his walker due to the relief in his edema. Dr. Pickens has also helped me with weight loss by encouraging me along the way and educating me on a healthy lifestyle. She truly is a blessing to me and my family. She is the true meaning of an awesome physician.”

—A patient

“Dr. Pickens took the time to personally call me after clinic hours (it was around 7pm) to explain a new medication to me and to also explain why she was switching me from my current medication. This, to me, demonstrates how much she truly cares about her patients by being sure any questions are addressed.”

—A patient

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