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Jonathan Lynch, M.D.


Mercer University

Medical School

Mercer University School of Medicine


Montgomery Center for Family Medicine

Cairo Medical Care
1178 5th St. SE
Cairo, GA 39828
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“I have a sister that has several disabilities with cerebral palsy being the worst. Due to her disability, many years ago she was given a very bleak prognosis. Thanks to Dr. Kendra Lynch and Dr. Jonathan Lynch and their staff that have assisted in her care for the past several years, she has done quite well and is still able to remain in her own home.”
-A patient’s family member

“Dr. Jonathan Lynch is my grandson’s primary care physician. At his one year checkup Dr. Lynch noticed that his hemoglobin was low. Some of the lab work came back abnormal and before my daughter and son-in-law knew it their son was being referred out of town to a pediatric hematologist. We were worried, scared and very concerned. Dr. Lynch prayed with our family before we left and continued to keep him in his prayers. He has been wonderful managing and coordinating his care with specialists. He has called my daughter at home to check on her son and has met us at his office after hours when needed for care. Dr. Lynch is truly a caring and devoted physician to our family, town and hospital.”
-A patient’s family member

“Dr. Lynch is my boys’ pediatrician. Recently at one of my son’s 12 month checkups his hemoglobin was low. Dr. Lynch decided to do more blood work to keep a check on it. As more symptoms came about, he decided it was in our best interest to send our son to specialists. We are grateful for Dr. Lynch always being diligent and when he is not sure he is quick to consult with other doctors for advice. Because of this willingness we were able to find out things about our son before any major anaphylactic reaction, before his iron levels were non-existent and we were able to learn why he takes so long to recover from a common cold. We are super grateful to have such an amazing doctor taking care of our children!”
-A patient’s family member

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