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Board Certified, American Board of Radiology

“I have been pondering now for several months how to tell my story about the experience I had with some of the most wonderful doctors and medical support staff during my illness in May of 2014 and give a personal thanks to all involved. I have personally told my story to many face to face now, I’m glad to have this opportunity to tell it in this forum of “We love our doctors” to the actual people who were involved in my care.

This particular event started when I experienced the worse pain of my life and reported to the Archbold Hospital Emergency Department seeking help. Upon arriving at the emergency room, first, I was checked-in by supporting staff and triaged then diagnosed and treated and dismissed with a referral by an Emergency Room doctor.

My first follow-up was with my primary doctor and staff at the Shaw Center who were able to work me in within a short period of time and offer prescription medicines to help ease the pain as well as offer other referrals and sent home for the rest of the week for a recovery period. In the meantime, a special doctor from Urgent Care noticed my absence from my work desk and inquired of my co-workers. Once I was back at work, she made a point to stop by to see how I was doing and asked if she could help. Of course, still yet being in pain I indulged her seeking whatever comfort she could offer. She was given a brief history and status report. With that, she offered her professional expertise and went on to have her staff complete a referral to Integrative Medicine for physical therapy and other integrative approaches, including acupuncture. While she wasn’t available another UCC doctor and two PA’s handled my care on other days when the pain and discomfort was almost unbearable. I did receive several weeks of therapy at Integrative Medicine that did at least get my pain level under some control and helped to regain some declined physical functions.

Now, I am by far no ways cured of my ailment but, it is manageable. I give all the praise to the higher power and really feel blessed that all those persons were placed so conveniently in my life at the right time. I trust that if I need them again that they will be there for me. Therefore, I’d like to thank: Dr Martha S Ward, ED; the Shaw Center; Dr John A Mansberger, Integrative Medicine; Dr Lissa P Murphy and the Urgent Care team and all of the Radiologists who are always so kind to me, especially Jacqueline Smith who read my exam. I also give thanks to the supporting medical staff members who played a special part in my care. There were several other doctors not even involved in my care expressed concern and offered prayers, all of whom I also wish to thank as well as the entire Radiology Department, the best group of caring co-workers you can find in one department. I can testify to this because I have been here in the Radiology Department with some of them for almost 25 years.”

-A patient and Archbold employee

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