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Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA


Surgery Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA

South Georgia Surgical Associates
100 Mimosa Drive, Third Floor
Thomasville, 31792
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“On a very busy day in the emergency department, we had multiple traumas come in related to a motor vehicle accident. We called our code, which requests staff to assist with a mass casualty event. Dr. Patterson, Dr. Richardson, Dr. Hall, Dr. Deutsch, Dr. Diwan, Dr. Warren and Dr. Sizemore dropped everything they were doing and immediately came in to assist. One of them even came in on his day off, and in street clothes. We held four ORs open in anticipation with multiple surgeons' cases being delayed, just in case we needed their room. Not one of them complained even though it make their day run late. They took care of these patients, walked with them through the hospital to diagnostic studies and provided the best and highest quality care in a very compassionate manner in the middle of a very stressful situation. I would not want anyone else taking care of my family members. We are very blessed to have the best physicians in our community. What a blessing! There is nothing we could say to express how important they are to our community.”

Archbold employee

“Dr. Deutsch was great because he took the time to make sure my family and I understood my procedure as well as the care I would need following my surgery. He also went out of his way to call and check on me at home later in the evening following my surgery.”

—A patient

“My niece was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months back and Dr. Deutsch and his entire office staff were very supportive! I was present during each of my niece’s visits. Dr. Deutsch explained everything to us each time and showed us x-rays. He shared his knowledge with us to ease our pain. His office was always busy, but he was patient with us! We are a strong, supportive family that put our trust in God knowing he will be with us as we experience what comes next. My niece had three surgeries and each time. Dr. Deutsch made us so comfortable. He always called us at home to check or talk with my niece! Sincere prayers and Dr. Deutsch’s patience with my entire family made us at ease and gave us strength for the next stage. #1 DOCTOR”

—A patient’s family member

“My grandfather was recently admitted to the hospital from his primary care doctor for a low hgb. Dr. Mederos was on call in the ER that afternoon and took care of him. Dr. Mederos went out of his way that evening to call me at home (with permission of course) to let me know what was going on with my grandpa. He was admitted that night and the next day had a colonoscopy that revealed a large mass in his colon. Dr. Deutsch was consulted and was amazing at making sure they took all the right moves to properly treat him. He was admitted on a Wednesday night and my little sister was graduating vet school in Auburn, AL that Saturday. Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Mederos did all they could do to "beef" up his hgb and then let him discharge that Friday so he wouldn't miss his granddaughters college graduation. Dr. Deutsch personally called my at home Thursday night to tell me results (with permission from my grandfather) of his CT scan. They went above and beyond to make sure he was taken great care of. Since then my grandfather has had surgery and is home doing great, just waiting on the next steps. I have worked with Archbold for almost eight years and worked closely with Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Mederos numerous times, but never has it been my own family, which makes it totally different because it's personal. They treated myself and my family with the outmost respect. I am proud that I work at such a great facility and with great doctors that will take care of our family as if it were their own.”

—A patient’s family member

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