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Geoffrey S. Deutsch, MD, FACS

Medical School

Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA


Surgery Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA

“On a very busy day in the emergency department, we had multiple traumas come in related to a motor vehicle accident. We called our code, which requests staff to assist with a mass casualty event. Dr. Patterson, Dr. Richardson, Dr. Hall, Dr. Deutsch, Dr. Diwan, Dr. Warren and Dr. Sizemore dropped everything they were doing and immediately came in to assist. One of them even came in on his day off, and in street clothes. We held four ORs open in anticipation with multiple surgeons' cases being delayed, just in case we needed their room. Not one of them complained even though it make their day run late. They took care of these patients, walked with them through the hospital to diagnostic studies and provided the best and highest quality care in a very compassionate manner in the middle of a very stressful situation. I would not want anyone else taking care of my family members. We are very blessed to have the best physicians in our community. What a blessing! There is nothing we could say to express how important they are to our community.”

Archbold employee

“Dr. Deutsch was great because he took the time to make sure my family and I understood my procedure as well as the care I would need following my surgery. He also went out of his way to call and check on me at home later in the evening following my surgery.”

—A patient

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