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G. Ashley Register, M.D.


Emory University

Medical School

Mercer University School of Medicine


University of Kansas

“I have always had the worst of luck when it comes to my health. Dr. Register has always gone above and beyond to heal me and help me.”
-A patient

“I visited Dr. Register because I was experiencing constant abdominal pain. I had several tests ran and unfortunately, the tests did not give a cause for my pain. I suggested further testing to Dr. Register but he assured me they weren’t necessary and explained that he did not want me to pay for excessive tests. He encouraged me to take his advice and the medication he prescribed for me and thankfully, my pain is gone. Thank you, Dr. Register!”
-A patient

“Dr. Register has been my physician since he opened his practice in Cairo in the early 90’s. I am a very hard headed patient, but he knows how to maneuver me into taking better care of my health. He has encouraged me to become more active and has been the best cheerleader a patient could ask for in my journey to a healthier me. More than once he has stopped by my home or called to check on me after I had a heart attack or another serious illness. Dr. Register truly cares about his patient.”

-A patient

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