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General Surgery Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA

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Medical College of Georgia Augusta GA

South Georgia Surgical Associates
100 Mimosa Dr., Third Floor
Thomasville, GA 31792
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“In July of 2015, I was admitted to Archbold after an EGD where a tumor in my esophageal junction was discovered. The initial biopsy came back benign and surgery was scheduled with Dr. Ed Hall to have it removed. Thankfully, Dr. Hall wasn’t comfortable with the benign biopsy result and insisted on a PET scan of the tumor before performing the surgery. When the PET scan was denied by my insurance company, he went further with them to appeal on my behalf until they finally agreed. The PET showed several lymph node lesions and spots on my liver suspicious for metastasized cancer. An EUS and deeper biopsy confirmed Dr. Hall’s suspicions. Thankfully he followed through on his instinct and expertise and did not perform the surgery, and because of that I am still here. I cannot adequately express my thanks to Dr. Hall for making the extra effort to make sure I had the correct diagnosis and received the proper care. Everyone I have dealt with through this process associated with Archbold has been wonderful to me. We truly have some of the best healthcare providers right here in Thomasville.”

-A patient

“In November, we were told that my 17 years old grandson may have lymphoma. His primary care provider referred us to Dr. Lorraine Williams who we were able to see in less than a week at the Bainbridge Specialty Clinic because she and her staff were willing to stay late and work us in to her schedule. She determined that my grandson needed to see a surgeon as soon as possible and she went the extra mile to personally call Dr. Hall instead of having her staff make the referral. We were also able to see Dr. Hall in less than a week and two days, and he later performed surgery on my grandson. Not only were we impressed by them both already, but Dr. Hall took the time the night before surgery to call my daughter at home to let her know that he reviewed the PET scan and that he felt confident that her son didn’t have cancer. We were all able to rest well that night because he went the extra mile to calm our fears. We thank God for these two caring doctors.”

-A patient’s family member

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