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Dinesh B. Patel, MD Physician

Medical School

B.J. Medical College


Lincoln Medical Center

Camilla Pediatric Center
25 Perry Street
Camilla, 31730
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“Working in the ED at MCH I recall having to call Dr. Patel on several occasions about one of his patients. He always replies "yes, i know that patient". There were also times that I would call him to say, "I know you are not on call, but....". When he understands how critical the baby or child is, he is quick to come in and assist with the care of the child if he is in town. I have never known of a situation when a nurse called him with a concern or change in patient condition that he didn't immediately come to the hospital when the nurse asked. Each child is special to him, and he takes the time to explain to the parents. This is why he has been the pediatrician for my children.”
-Mitchell County Hospital employee

“Dr. Patel has been our family pediatrician for 16 years now. Each and every time I’ve needed anything, he’s always been there to help. He doesn’t rush us through our appointments and he discusses everything thoroughly and remembers every tiny detail about my girls. If I could choose any doctor in the world for my girls, I would still choose Dr. Patel. If every doctor was as gifted, humble and concerned about his or her patients, the world would be a better place.”

-A patient’s family member

“I’ve worked at Archbold going on 20 years. When I stared working with Dr. Patel he made me feel very welcome in his practice. Over the years our relationship has grown tremendously and we have become more like family than co-workers. He is always so kind and willing to help anyone and he has helped me numerous times. He shows his appreciation to his staff by buying us lunch from time to time and taking us out to eat and shopping at Christmas time. He is a well-rounded person who loves his job and loves to have fun with his staff, too. I just think he is an awesome doctor to work for and he is an excellent provider for his patients.”

—Archbold employee

“Dr. Patel makes every patient feel like they are his ONe and ONLY patient. He gibes compassionate care to all of the children of Mitchell County. He is ALWAYS smiling and had such a positive attitude! He is an excellent physician and it is an honor to work with him.”

- Archbold employee

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