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Valdosta State University

Medical School

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center

Southland Hospitalist Group
915 Gordon Avenue
Thomasville, GA 31792
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“In late January, my grandfather was brought to the ED with lethal Co2 levels. Dr. Mederos was the physician managing his care that evening. After viewing the results of his ABG, he shook his head and was faced with the "call the family in" talk. He explained that my grandfather would pass away at any time, but he was honest in saying that it may be before morning. My Grandmother was at his side, and Dr. Mederos took the time to explain, comfort, and answer every question that she had. I remember my grandmother hugging him and saying "thank you so much for all of the time that you've spent with us. I've never had another doctor take the time to sit with us and explain everything the way that you did." It was 1820 and Dr. Mederos' shift was ending at 1900. About 1930, my Granddad became conscious, was talking, and it was pretty obvious that he wasn't going to pass anytime soon. We all said "Dr. Mederos is never going to believe that you are still with us." Sure enough, I saw him in the IMCU about 2 days later. He stopped me in the hallway in shock that my Granddad had pulled through. He told me that he'd looked for me in the hospital to check on my granddad and talk to me. He said he still keeps his ABG in his pocket to show students the rather impressive numbers. My family was so impressed with the compassion that Dr. Mederos showed when we were expecting a bad outcome.”

- A patient’s family member

“Dr. Mederos was the hospitalist on call when my father-in-law was admitted with a massive GI bleed to the ICU. Dr. Mederos took excellent care of him and always took time to talk with him and each of us in the room to make sure we understood fully the plan of care. He was available for any questions. We just want to let folks know that Dr. Mederos did such a fine job of managing his care and treatment during that time. Several physicians were consulted and helpful, but Dr. Mederos was by far the one that stood out to us as being the most considerate, passionate and helpful.”

- A patient’s family member

“Dr. Mederos took the time to explain my diagnosis to me and tried to find ways that would keep me out of the hospital. He was very compassionate and caring. He took the time to calm my fears.”

- a patient

“My grandfather was recently admitted to the hospital from his primary care doctor for a low hgb. Dr. Mederos was on call in the ER that afternoon and took care of him. Dr. Mederos went out of his way that evening to call me at home (with permission of course) to let me know what was going on with my grandpa. He was admitted that night and the next day had a colonoscopy that revealed a large mass in his colon. Dr. Deutsch was consulted and was amazing at making sure they took all the right moves to properly treat him. He was admitted on a Wednesday night and my little sister was graduating vet school in Auburn, AL that Saturday. Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Mederos did all they could do to "beef" up his hgb and then let him discharge that Friday so he wouldn't miss his granddaughters college graduation. Dr. Deutsch personally called my at home Thursday night to tell me results (with permission from my grandfather) of his CT scan. They went above and beyond to make sure he was taken great care of. Since then my grandfather has had surgery and is home doing great, just waiting on the next steps. I have worked with Archbold for almost 8 years and worked closely with Dr. Deutsch and Dr. Mederos numerous times, but never has it been my own family, which makes it totally different because it's personal. They treated myself and my family with the utmost respect. I am proud that I work at such a great facility and with great doctors that will take care of our family as if it were their own.”

- A patient’s family member

“His beside manner and compassion for his patients always goes beyond what is asked of him.”

-A staff member

“Dr. Mederos will take the time to explain and answer all questions that his patients have. His bed side manner and compassion for his patients always goes beyond what is asked of him.”

-A staff member

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