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Daryl O. Crenshaw, MD, FASN, FASH Physician


Emory University School of Medicine

Medical School

Tulane University


University of Alabama School of Medicine


Board Certified, American Society of Hypertension

Internal Medicine

Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine


Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

“Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things I have ever been through. Just two short years after I lost my mother, my father followed her home on Valentine’s day 2009. Dr. Crenshaw never gave up and showed compassion beyond belief. I have been an employee with Archbold for 15 years now and have seen some great doctors. But for a doctor to get out of his bed in the middle of the night and spend the entire night and into the next day with us, that meant the world to me. He made an extremely difficult time a little easier. We found comfort in knowing that Dr. Crenshaw really cared!”
—A patient’s family member

“Dr. Crenshaw is fantastic. He pays attention to details and meets all my needs. When I’m feeling down, Dr. Crenshaw finds a way to get me feeling better. All the doctors at Southwest Georgia Dialysis are compassionate, and that means a lot to me. I really feel they love me and care about me.”
—A patient

“Dr. Crenshaw listens to my problems. He sits beside my bed and holds my hand and tells me everything is going to be alright. That means so much to me.”
—A patient

“Dr. Crenshaw is so nice and calm with his patients. He’s always there when I need him. He always returns my phone calls and takes time with me to make sure I understand everything.”
—A patient

“Such a great physian! Many thanks to God for him. Ten years ago, when I needed a doctor he was there—not only as a doctor, but so much more. He truly cares, and has helped me through some tough times. I believe he was truly sent by God and an answer to my prayers.”

-A patient

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