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Cordell L. Bragg, III, MD Physician

Medical School

Medical College of Georgia


Medical College of Georgia

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South Georgia Anesthesia Associates
Thomasville, GA 31792
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Board Certified, American Board of Anesthesiology

“He is great at his job, kind to his patients and encouraging to his co-workers. When I work with him, I feel like I am part of his team, not just his nurse.”

-A staff member

“Dr. Bragg is an exceptional physician. He is great at his job, kind to his patients, and encouraging to his co workers. I have worked with Dr. Bragg for 7 years; working many call nights, early morning surgeries, and long work days. He never fails to provide the best care possible, always with the patient's best interest in mind no matter the circumstances. In these years I have seen him calm the fears of patients and family members prior to surgery as if they are his friends. His kind heart does not stop with his patients. I can always go to Dr. Bragg if I ever have a question about a procedure, medication, patient condition, etc. He has been an important part of my nursing career. He encourages us and recognizes all we do to help make things go smoothly. When I work with Dr. Bragg I feel like I am part of his team, not just his nurse.

Dr. Bragg deserves this People's Choice Award. His hard work and kind heart has won him great respect from his patients and "team members.”

-A staff member

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