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McLaren Regional Medical Center

Medical School

University of Michigan

Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic
113 West Hansell Street
Thomasville, GA 31792
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“At 27 years old I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis and had to have a hip replacement. You can imagine the shock I felt upon finding out this news considering my job consists of walking, lifting and constantly moving. I am a nurse at Archbold and it is truly my dream job. So I couldn't imagine never coming back to doing this. I knew I would have to be out of work, and couldn't fathom all of the emotions about having to have this major operation at my age. Dr. Walter reassured me that all would be ok and I would be brand new before I knew it. He explained everything to me in great detail and reiterated constantly that I would be normal again. The day of my surgery I was a ball of nerves and Dr. Dr. Walter took time out of his busy schedule to pray with me and my family before surgery. He held my hand and he has no idea the peace that came over me. I am 4 months post op now and when I see him running around the hospital, he always asks me how I'm doing. He truly went above and beyond in my book.”

-A patient and Archbold employee

“My 17 year old son tore his ACL / meniscus and required surgery. My son had never had surgery before, so our entire family was a little nervous. The surgery was thoroughly explained to us so we knew what to expect, and it could not have gone smoother. The pre-op, the surgery, and post op were perfect! I cannot thank Dr. Walters and his team enough for the great care we received. Dr. Walters even took the time to pray with us prior to the procedure, which helped calm our fears immensely. Only a few short weeks later, my 14 year old son broke his arm and required surgery. We received the same excellent care during this procedure, as we did the previous one. The only thing that could make me happier is if I could keep my boys out of the ER. :)”

-A patient’s family member

“When he walked into the room it was like God sent him straight to us!”

-A patient

“Dr. Walter has a great beside manner and he takes time to pray with each of his patients if they so desire.”

-A staff member

“Dr. Walter always takes time with his patients to answer any questions they may have. He has a great bedside manner and even more important he takes time to pray with each of his patients if they so desire. In short he ministers to his patients physical needs and their spiritual needs as well. He is just a well rounded person and physician. To use an often used phrase he is the total package.”

-A staff member

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