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Amy E. Geer, MD


Greenwood Family Practice Residency Program Greenwood SC

Medical School

Medical University of South Carolina Charleston SC

Thomasville Family Medicine
951 South Broad Street
Thomasville, 31792
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Family Medicine

Board Certified, American Board of Family Medicine

“I love how Dr. Geer is so personable and how she genuinely cares about me as a patient. Even though we only have a doctor/patient relationship, you would never know that. When she sees me around town, she treats me like an old friend. I also love the way she is always willing to listen and allows me to have a voice in any treatment recommendation she makes. I am quick to recommend Dr. Geer every chance I get and I am sure to tell people about her genuine care for her patient's health and well-being.”

—A patient

“Dr. Geer has been such a complete blessing to my family. She is so compassionate and makes us feel like she is treating her own family. She listens to us and never makes us feel rushed. Her focus is on us when she is with us and that means a ton. She is very detailed and thorough. For example, my son had a very high temperature and we went to see Dr. Geer. She too was concerned about his temperature and would not let us leave until she figured out what it was. I felt like she was treating him like he was her very own. She didn't just give us medicine and send us on our way, but took the time needed to discover he had silent pneumonia. I never want to give my children meds to just give them meds. Therefore, it is important for my family to have a doctor that is thorough. This meant a lot that she took the time she needed to figure out that he had pneumonia so we could give him the medicine he specifically needed. She has done so much for my family that not only do my boys see her but now my husband and I do, too. We love Dr. Geer!”

-A patient’s family member

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