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Patients benefit from homecare services when their illnesses aren’t severe enough for hospitalization, but may require special care in their home performed by trained healthcare professionals like nurses or therapists. Chronically ill patients, and patients recovering from surgery, a severe injury or illness often benefit from healthcare services like skilled nursing, palliative and hospice care, wound care or physical therapy that can be performed in the comfort of their home.

To help improve home health care, Archbold’s Home Health Services and Hospice of Southwest Georgia recently joined ElevatingHOME, a new non-profit organization created by the Visiting Nurse Associations of American (VNAA).

ElevatingHOME is an association that was created to unify and represent the 12,000 home health agencies and 6,000 hospice organizations in the United States, and to advance and strengthen the entire home-based care industry and serve as its voice in the healthcare system.

According to The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), while many seniors prefer to receive home healthcare and hospice services in their homes, the current system actually drives patients to receive care in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility, which can be costly and sometimes unnecessary for many patients.

Current reports show that 10,000 Baby Boomers are enrolling in Medicare daily. And it’s predicted that as a result, home-based care spending will grow more than 70 percent in the next three years.

In preparation for the growth, ElevatingHOME can help Archbold Home Health and Hospice of Southwest Georgia to play a role in advancing cost-effective, high-quality patient-focused homecare solutions and best practices that will have a positive impact on the quality of care for patients across the country.

“ElevatingHOME is helping us make a difference in the future of the homecare industry,” said Clay Campbell, president of Archbold Health Services. “Our goal is to help our patients avoid costly and sometimes unnecessary hospital stays. Working with ElevatingHOME is one way to ensure our healthcare system delivers home-based care that’s safe, efficient and cost-effective for our patients for years to come.”


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