Grady General Birthing Center Offers Patient-Centered Care Model

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From the very beginning of a new baby’s life, a hospital’s priority is to provide a nurturing and family-focused environment.

The Birthing Center at Grady General Hospital is doing just that.

“We’re very family oriented,” said Alisha Gainous, Nurse Manager of The Birthing Center. “We have a small staff that is passionate about what they do.”

The Birthing Center has large, private birthing suites where mothers stay in the same room from labor to delivery, and through recovery.

“Our Center provides private, compassionate and comfortable care for the entire labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum period,” says Gainous. “Mothers can feel at ease knowing members of our staff are close by.”

The Birthing Center recently introduced a couplet care model, where a newborn stays in the room with the mother instead of staying in a nursery, and both mother and baby are cared for by the same nurse.

“Studies have shown benefits when a mother and baby are close to one another from the early moments after birth,” said Cairo Medical Care OBGYN Raina Ferenchick, MD.

According to Ferenchick, evidenced-based benefits associated with couplet care include improved success of breastfeeding, improved communication with medical staff, and personalized care with better education opportunities for parents to be more prepared to return home with confidence.

“In addition, this new model allows the new mother to bond and gain confidence in learning how to take care of a newborn before going home,” said Gainous.

Along with couplet care, the Birthing Center also encourages skin-to-skin contact after delivery.

“Skin-to-skin contact is when a naked baby is placed directly on the mother’s chest and covered with a blanket to keep the baby warm and dry,” said Ferenchick. “This is important for the mother because she can feel less anxious and more self-assured with her care, and it enables her to bond with her newborn.”

Skin-to-skin contact has also shown to help babies feel secure, and regulate their heart rate, body temperature and breathing. The concept has also proven to aid in building the baby’s immunity to germs and increase their cognitive ability.

“Our patients expect compassionate care here at Grady General, and our birthing center provides just that,” said Crystal Wells, administrator at Grady General Hospital.

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