Newly Renovated Interventional Radiology Suite at Archbold

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Archbold Memorial Hospital is now utilizing a newly renovated interventional radiology suite, bringing new advancements to physicians and patients. The $1.3 million dollar project recently became operational after a year in the making.

“Technology and medical technology is always advancing so it’s important for us to stay on the leading edge of it, especially when it comes to advancements in cancer care and nephrology,” said Archbold Vice President of Ancillary Services, Chris Newman.

Inside the new interventional radiology suite is a project centerpiece, the Innova IGS 540, an imaging system for interventional radiology procedures. For physicians, the system has one of the largest fields of view and is powered with dedicated advanced applications for them to plan, guide, and assess complex procedures with confidence.

“The great thing about this system is it allows us to get superb imaging quality when we are doing our procedures all while using a lower radiation dose for the patient,” said Archbold Interventional Radiologist Craig Yokley, MD.

“The capabilities of this machine enable us to use smaller catheters so we can get into the small arteries of places like the liver, brain, prostate, and the uterus,” said Archbold Interventional Radiologist Tim Daniel, MD. “Those are very small vessels that we used to struggle to get into and with this machine it now enables us to do it easier.”

“We’ve had road mapping technology but this technology is much more advanced. It allows the road mapping to occur both in 3D, 2D and rotate the images in different directions,” added Dr. Yokley. “This advancement also allows us to extend our treatments and provide more cutting edge services that generally wouldn’t be available at a community hospital.”

The project is but one step of a five-year rolling project that will continue to replace and advance technology in Archbold’s Loudermilk Heart and Vascular Center interventional and cardiac labs.

“I think the Archbold investment in this new room and new machine reflects Archbold’s commitment to excellent patient care in southwest Georgia,” added Dr. Daniel.